Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my winnings?

  • In the event that you are a winner, we will contact you via email / telephone / sms giving you instructions on how you can claim your prize / winnings. Upon receiving this communication please follow and read these instructions carefully. If you have any queries, email us at mailto:

I have not received my recharge card or / prize, what should I do?

  • Please email us at with your query. State the competition and date you are querying for. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

How do I win a recharge card / competition / prize?

  • First you have to be a member of If you are not a member, visit our Sign Up page to sign up today for free. To find out how to be a lucky winner, visit the How It Works page.

I won a competition when do I get my prize / winnings / gifts / competition?

  • We usually process winnings within 3 working days after we have selected a lucky winner. We will send you a communication either via email / sms / call. If you have not received any further communication from us please email us at for any queries.

Can you send my recharge card winning to my telephone number?

  • This will be considered depending on the circumstances however, we may not be inclined to do this as per our official policy. For further clarification, please send email to

It is over 3 days and I still have not received my prize / winnings / gifts, what should I do?

  • For all enquiries regarding prize / winnings / gifts / competitions, email us at for any queries.

I have been playing for various days/months/ years when would I win?

  • Winners are picked at random, fair and square. As long as you have qualified to enter our competition / prize draws / games. It is a game of chance, keep playing, one day you could be a winner.

What are your criteria for choosing winners in GreenWednesdays?

  • Winners are picked at random, fair and square. As long as you have qualified to enter our competition / prize draws / games. Please see our terms and conditions Terms and Conditions for more information

How can I recover my NaijaPrizes account details?

Is real?

  • Yes. we are very real. We have been in operation for over 3 years, putting a smile on our members faces and given over ₦3,000,000 (million) worth of prizes. Visit NaijaPrizes Engage page and see the testimonials our lucky members have posted.

Are you on Social media?

  • Yes. has a social media community presence where we also run competitions and prizedraws for our members to win. Join today our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Do you pick winners that are only located in Lagos?

  • No. We pick winners from all over Nigeria. However, there are some specific competitions / prizes we can’t physically deliver to certain areas in Nigeria due to the lack of a postal infrastructure. With such competitions, we specifically mention on our website that they are restricted to certain geographical locations.